Moving Architectural Lighting

Public Issues Management

When an Overland Park, Kansas developer imagined a way to turn office buildings into works of art, he engaged Parris Communications to help turn his dream into reality.

Animated architectural lighting was not yet allowed under the city’s code statutes, so it would require approval by the city’s Planning Committee and City Council before the display would ever see the light of day.

Parris enlisted nationally renowned artist Jeff Hanson to turn one of his paintings into an animated work of art to demonstrate what could be possible if such an ordinance were approved. We received permission for a one-night-only demonstration, and at dusk, invited members of the media, Planning Commission and City Council members to see the Hanson painting in vivid colors, set to motion. We posted video from the event to social media and captured positive feedback from the public, which we shared with the commissioners and council members.

The architectural lighting was granted overwhelming approval by both the Planning Commission and City Council and is now regularly delighting passersby at College and 69-Highway in Overland Park.