Crisis Communications Plan Development and Training

Parris is pleased to have cultivated a particularly strong crisis communications expertise, working with clients in the healthcare, construction, communications, legal, accounting, real estate, retail and public service sectors as they seek to hone their crisis management capabilities.

Our Goals in This Sensitive Area

  • to comprehensively understand the intricacies of a client’s issues and potential challenges
  • to evaluate them and develop a strategy around addressing them
  • to craft a solid action plan which enables both management and employees to respond swiftly and diligently to virtually any crisis which may arise

Included in Our Crisis Communications Services

  • internal communications audit which fully evaluates existing crisis response structure
  • development of comprehensive crisis communications plan of action, including full training of all affected employees
  • crisis media training, including rigorous scenario-based mock interviews
  • full crisis management communications services, including all media relations and media management in the event of a crisis