Media Training and Image Management

Public relations is achieved most powerfully through the mass media.  In this electronic age, any enterprise – small or large, for-profit or nonprofit, start-up or seasoned – can be greatly affected by the picture the media paints.  No entity giveth – or taketh away – faster than the media.

This is why effective media relations have become so critical for virtually every enterprise.  Parris Communications offers in-depth media communication training, either one-on-one with top executives or with groups of senior-level managers, any of whom may be called upon to represent their department or organization.  A well-prepared spokesperson can carry a company ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds.  The converse is also true: an ill-prepared spokesperson can, in but a moment, unwittingly distort an image the company may have invested years in developing.

We also seek to reinforce our clients’ images and communications goals by keeping their names before the public.  Press releases, feature articles, staff announcements, guest columns and media appearances are but a few of the media vehicles we use.  Our ultimate goal is to give our clients maximum control over their image, ensuring that it is portrayed positively and effectively.