Public Relations/Image Development

The good news is this:  more often than not, clients approach us from a position of strength, not weakness.  A company’s image can be well-established within its market and community but may be in need of either reinforcement or redirection. 

Our goal is to understand the existing image, identify the desired image, and then craft a marketing communications plan that achieves that targeted image through a series of communications tactics.

Vehicles for executing the plan may include:  1) a “free” or “earned” media campaign, resulting in third-party credibility gained through editorial placement on television, radio, print and in targeted online communities;
2) a direct mail or e-mail communications strategy; 3) integration of a public relations message into an existing advertising or marketing campaign; 4) a community involvement strategy that creates or reinforces an image through more subtle means;  5) an educational campaign that overtly seeks to realign the institutional image; and/or 6) a value-added public relations campaign that amplifies the impact of existing marketing efforts.